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Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino

24/04/2021 06:31:02 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
Are you a Techno geek and stuck with the question in your mind which to choose Raspberry Pi’s latest microcontroller, “Raspberry Pi Pico” or Arduino?
Then go through these posts. I hope that you will get a clear solution on your next microcontroller choice and have no more doubt.

Optocoupler Relay

02/03/2021 00:43:14 In ELECTRONICS COMPONENTS
We have all heard of the term Relay in our life at one point or another. So, what is a relay? What is it used for? What are its types? In this article, we will get to know about all of the above questions. But, more specifically about the optocoupler relay?

Series and Parallel Configuration of Lithium Battery

The Lithium-ion battery pack is the combination of series and parallel connections of the cell. In this blog we are talking about Series and Parallel Configuration of Lithium Battery. By configuring these several cells in series we get desired operating voltage.

interfacing ldr with arduino

27/02/2021 06:00:28 In SENSORS
A light-dependent resister is also known as LDR SENSOR, which is used to detect the intensity of light. In this blog we will discuss what LDR SENSOR is and how it can be used with the Arduino Development Board.

pros & cons of raspberry pi 400

19/02/2021 01:31:36 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
​In many ways, Raspberry Pi falls short as a full-fledged personal computer. The Raspberry Pi Foundation​ has tried to change this with its latest addition, the Raspberry Pi 400.

​Launched in November of 2020, the Raspberry Pi 400 is a single-board computer in the form of a keyboard kit.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

18/02/2021 04:36:15 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
What is Microprocessor?
The microprocessor is used in the very intensive processes. It only contains a CPU (central processing unit) but there are many other parts needed to work with the CPU to complete a process.


18/02/2021 02:01:24 In IOT AND WIRELESS
NodeMCU is an open-source Lua based firmware and development board specially targeted for IoT based Applications. It includes firmware that runs on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif Systems, and hardware which is based on the ESP-12 module.

How to Choose ESC For Your Quadcopter

16/02/2021 04:12:38 In DRONE PARTS
ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller, and they control the speed of the motors in Quadcopters. The ESC receives throttle signals from the flight controller, and drives the brushless motor at the desired speed.

Arduino different boards pin configurations

10/02/2021 05:33:00 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
Hello Guys! I hope you have learned all about Arduino in my previous guide. Before doing any project based on the Arduino board it is very important that you should know the pin configuration of the board.

Apds-9930 digital proximity sensor interfacing with arduino

09/02/2021 06:00:43 In SENSORS
The APDS-9930 provides digital ambient light sensing, IR LED and a complete proximity detection system in a single 8 pin package. The proximity function offers plug and play detection to 100 mm thus eliminating the need for factory calibration of the end equipment or sub-assembly.

Introduction to arduino pro mini

09/02/2021 02:20:10 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
Arduino Pro Mini is a microcontroller based on Atmega328. And the best thing is it is available for both 3.3 V as well as for 5V operating voltage which provides you with flexibility. At 3.3V of operating voltage, it runs at 8 MHz whereas, at 5V of operating voltage, it runs at 16 MHz.

Raspberry pi - Tips & Tricks

08/02/2021 02:20:41 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive credit card sized Single Board Computer (SBC). It is used for a wide variety of applications such as hobby projects, learning embedded systems, small scale prototype servers and several other applications.

Introduction to Pic

08/02/2021 01:04:14 In DEVELOPEMENT BOARDS
​PIC is a Peripheral Interface Microcontroller which was developed in the year 1993 by the General Instruments Microcontrollers. It is controlled by software and programmed in such a way that it performs different tasks and controls a generation line.

How Seven Segment Display Works & Interface it with Arduino

05/02/2021 00:38:16 In DISPLAY AND TOUCH
How many times did you see a movie where someone needs to deactivate a bomb? The hero watches the display as time ticks by, each second more precious than the previous one. Well, if you notice, all those bombs in movies have seven-segment displays.


04/02/2021 06:10:02 In MOTORS AND DRIVES
An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor's magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor's shaft

what is stepper motor and how it works

02/02/2021 04:08:19 In MOTORS AND DRIVES
Unlike other DC motors, this motor has a permanent magnet rotor that operates when the stator is energized. The construction of the stator is similar to a normal DC motor. The only difference is that the stator of this type of motor has mechanical teeth.

Interfacing buzzers with Arduino

02/02/2021 01:13:26 In SENSORS
Buzzers are audio signaling devices that generate sound in the frequency range of 1~7 kHz and, typically, serve as an indicator. This frequency range is within the hearing threshold, which is why a buzzer can usually be heard in noisy environments.

Interfacing ACS712 Current Sensor with Arduino

01/02/2021 04:21:14 In SENSORS
ACS712 is a Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor. This sensor can measure both DC(Direct Current) and AC(Alternating Current). It has 2.1kVRMS voltage isolation and an integrated low-resistance current conductor. This ACS712 is a chip of Allegro.

most useful sensors in iot and robotics

27/01/2021 23:51:59 In SENSORS
As a beginner, you may be a little curious about the things that are in electronics and may also be concerned about how to get into these things. If yes then this blog is for you friend!

Battery management system (bms) &  it's working

Battery Management System is an electronic system which manages the rechargeable battery to ensure it operates to be safe and efficient. BMS uses to monitor the parameters of the rechargeable battery and its individual cells