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10K Potentiometer Tone Control

SKU: 10025

1) Type: Rotary a.k.a Radio POT
2) Power Rating: 0.3W
3) Maximum Input Voltage: 200Vdc

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    A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. If only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it acts as a variable resistor or rheostat.

    Potentiometers are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment. Potentiometers operated by a mechanism can be used as position transducers, for example, in a joystick. Potentiometers are rarely used to directly control significant power (more than a watt), since the power dissipated in the potentiometer would be comparable to the power in the controlled load.


    • Type: Rotary a.k.a Radio POT

    • Power Rating: 0.3W

    • Maximum Input Voltage: 200Vdc

    • Rotational Life: 2000K cycles

    Package Include:

    • 1 x 10K Potentiometer Tone Control

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