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1K Potentiometer Tone Control

SKU : 10058

1) Material: Carbon film and metal.
2) Resistance: 1k Ω.
3) Shaft Length: 15mm.
4) Interface: 3pin.

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    A Variable Resistor Potentiometer Volume Type is the most significant component  in many electrical devices for controlling the tone, bass as well as volume. This is due to the fact that resistors can  connect together with the other components to form filters for a desired level. 

    They can also  use in computer monitors for color or positioning as well as dimming or switching lamps. This  achieve through digital to analog and analog to digital circuits; one additional advantage is that the knob can  turn instead of typing a value every time you want to change the tint or brightness.


    • This 1K pot Potentiometer features 3 terminals for interacting.

    • It is manufactured with a mix of carbon film and metal.

    • The 1K Potentiometer is used for adjusting various parameters like voltage parameters like voltage, current etc in an electronic circuit.


    • Audio control

    • Television

    • Motion control

    • Transducers

    • Computation

    • Home Electrical Appliances

    • Oscillators

    Packages Include:

    • 1 x 1K Potentiometer Tone Control

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