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470uF 63V Electrolytic capacitor

SKU: 10155

1) Capacitance: 470uF
2) Voltage: 63V
3) Capacitor Type: Electrolytic

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    470uF 63V Electrolytic Capacitor is a high quality electrolytic capacitor which offers long life and high reliability. Electrolytic Capacitors are most commonly used type of capacitors in Electronic Circuits.

    Electrolytic Capacitors have 2 Polars - Positive and Negative.

    An aluminum electrolytic capacitor, often only called an electrolytic capacitor, uses aluminum metal as one electrode, covered with a very thin layer of aluminum oxide as dielectric, and which has the electrolyte as its second electrode.


    • Input and output decoupling capacitors for smoothing and filtering.

    • DC-link capacitors in AC/AC converters for variable-frequency drive and frequency changers.

    • Correction capacitors for power factor correction.


    • Energy storage.

    • Pulsed power and weapons. 

    • Power conditioning. 

    • Power factor correction Capacitors.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x 470uF 63V Electrolytic capacitor

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