ARM9 MINI2440 with 3.5 " TFT Touch LCD Generic


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    mini2440 is a practical low-cost ARM9 development board, is currently the most cost-effective a learning board; It uses Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor, and a professional and stable chip CPU core power supply and reset the chip to ensure the system runs stability. mini2440 of Immersion Gold PCB using four-layer board design process, professional and other long-wiring, to ensure signal integrity critical signal lines, produced using SMT machines, mass production;factory are subject to stringent quality control, with this very detailed The manual can help you quickly master the embedded Linux and WinCE development process, as long as the C programming language are generally two weeks to get started.


    • Friendly Arm9 Board Mini2440 + 3.5" LCD ( 1GB ) 

    •  1GB NAND Flash and 2 MB NOR  FLASH

    •  SD-Card socket 

    • 1 XDB9 connector (RS232)

    •  total: 3x serial port  connector 

    • 64 mb sdram

    • 32 bit bus options

    • 3. 5 mm stereo jack

    •  34 pin GPIO 

    •  OS support of Windows CE 5 and 6, Linux 

    ​Package Includes

    • 1 X   ARM9 MINI2440 with 3.5 " TFT Touch LCD Generic

    my first specification - Hardik

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