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On/Off Rocker Switch Snap-in 2-Pin Red Plastic Button

SKU: 10430

1) Material : Plastic & Metal
2) Color: Red & Black
3) Operation Type: Latching

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    This On/Off Rocker Switch is perfect for controlling power to electronic circuits, robots, etc. We have carefully selected the best On/Off Rocker Switch with a high load rating and the perfect size for all general-purpose On/Off applications. This rocker switch has two positions - one on position and another off position. The rocker switch stays in the one till it is pressed and changed to the other position. It has two large pins on the backside to which wires can be soldered and connected to your circuit.

    The On/Off Rocker Switch is the simplest and easiest power control switch for your project. It comes with tabs on the top and bottom which secure it onto an enclosure without the need for any screws. On and Off positions are clearly marked which helps users identify the current switch position during usage


    • No of Pins: 2 Pins SPST

    • No of Positions: 2 ON and OFF

    • Positions Marked on the rocker: I, O (On and Off) for easy identification

    • Rating: Max 5A up to 250VAC


    • Used widely for on/off power control, car, motorcycle, boat, some machines, water dispensers, etc

    Package Include:

    • 1 x On/Off Rocker Switch Snap-in 2-Pin Red Plastic Button

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