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24C32 32K bit Serial I2C Bus EEPROM IC DIP-8 Package by ATM

SKU: 11043

1) Power on/off data protection circuitry
2) 8 byte page, or byte modes available
3) Schmitt trigger, filtered inputs for noise suppression
4) Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce

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        The 24C32 is a 4K x 8 (32Kbit) Serial Electrically Erasable PROM. This device has been developed for advanced, low-power applications such as personal communications or data acquisition. The 24C32 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight 8-byte pages, or 64 bytes. It also features a fixed 4K-bit block of ultra-high endurance memory for data that changes frequently. The 24C32 is capable of both random and sequential reads up to the 32K boundary. Functional address lines allow up to eight 24C32 devices on the same bus, for up to 256K bits of address space. Advanced CMOS technology makes this device ideal for low-power non-volatile code and data applications. The 24C32 is available in the standard 8-pin plastic DIP and 8-pin surface mount SOIC package. 


        • Voltage operating range: 4.5V to 5.5V - Peak write current 3 mA at 5.5V - Maximum read current 150 µA at 5.5V - Standby current 1 µA typical 

        • Industry-standard two-wire bus protocol, I2C compatible - Including 100 kHz and 400 kHz modes 

        • Self-timed write cycle (including auto-erase) 

        • Power on/off data protection circuitry 

        • Endurance: - 10,000,000 Erase/Write cycles guaranteed for High Endurance Block - 1,000,000 E/W cycles guaranteed for Standard Endurance Block 

        • 8-byte page, or byte modes available 

        • 1-page x 8 line input cache (64 bytes) for fast write loads 

        • Schmitt trigger, filtered inputs for noise suppression 

        • Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce 

        • 2 ms typical write cycle time, byte or page 

        • Up to 8 chips may be connected to the same bus for up to 256K bits total memory 

        • Electrostatic discharge protection > 4000V 

        • Data retention > 200 years 

        • 8-pin PDIP/SOIC packages 

        • Temperature ranges - Commercial (C): 0°C to +70°C - Industrial (I): -40°C to +85°C 


        • VCC 7.0V

        • All inputs and outputs w.r.t. VSS -0.6V to VCC +1.0V

        • Storage temperature -65°C to +150°C

        • Ambient temperature with power applied -65°C to +125°C

        • ESD protection on all pins ≥ 4 kV

        • The soldering temperature of leads (10 seconds) 300°C

        Package Include:

        • 1 X 24C32 32K bit Serial I2C Bus EEPROM IC DIP-8 Package by ATM

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