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BC848 sot23 NPN 3 pin SMD General Purpose Transistor

SKU: 11044

1) Bi-Polar NPN Transistor
2) Continuous Collector current (IC) is 100mA
3) No. of Pins: 3

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    BC847 is an NPN transistor so when no power is applied to the base, the collector and emitter will be left open (Reverse biased) and when a positive voltage is applied to the base pin, the transistor will turn on. This transistor is the SMD equivalent for the popular BC547/BC847 transistor, which is commonly used in many general-purpose applications like switching circuits to control low current loads like pumps, solenoids, LEDs, etc. The transistor also has an equivalent PNP transistor called BC557/BC957, both combined can be used to form push-pull circuits or Class B amplifier Designs.


    • Bi-Polar NPN Transistor

    • DC Current Gain (hFE) is 600 maximum

    • Continuous Collector current (IC) is 100mA

    • Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 6V

    • Base Current(IB) is 5mA maximum

    • Available in SOT23-3 Package


    • Transistor Polarity: NPN

    • Collector-Emitter Volt (Vceo): 45V

    • Collector-Base Volt (Vcbo): 50V

    • Collector Current (Ic): 0.1A

    • hfe: 200-450 @ 100mA

    • Power Dissipation (Ptot): 310mW

    • Current-Gain-Bandwidth (ftotal): 300MHz

    • Transistor Case Style: SOT-23

    • No. of Pins: 3

    • Package / Case: SOT-23

    • Termination Type: SMD

    Package Include:

    • 1 x BC847 sot23 NPN Transistor


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