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200k Variable Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer(RM065)

SKU: 11126

1) Resistance: 200k ohm
2) Tolerance: 30%
3) Mounting: Through-hole
4) Operating Temperature -10°C to 70°C
5) Maximum Operating Voltage: 50V DC

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    A general-purpose board mountable preset is also called by other names like potentiometers, trimpots, etc. but is basically just a variable resistor. This potentiometer can also be used as a variable resistor and to generate a variable voltage. To use this potentiometer as a variable resistor, connect the outer two pins to Vcc and 0 V and the center pin outputs a variable voltage between 0 V and Vcc as the potentiometer is rotated. This potentiometer is easy to mount on a PCB and can be adjusted using a screwdriver. Perfect for your next LCD contrast adjuster, opamp setting, or volume level.


    • The electric resistance value can be adjusted

    • A potentiometer is a manually adjustable

    • Potentiometers consist of a resistive element

    • A mechanism that moves the wiper from one end to the other, and a housing containing the element and wiper

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 200k Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer (RM065)

    Technical Specification
    Resistance (Ω)
    Operating Temperature Range (°C)
    -10 to 70
    Mounting Type
    Through Hole
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