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Light Sensitive Photoresistor 10mm LDR Sensor

SKU: 11332

1) Diameter: 10 mm.
2) No. of pins: 2.
3) Type of mounting: PCB through-hole.
4) Size: 10mm.
5) Max. voltage: 500 VDC.
6) Max. power: 500 mW.

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    The LDR 10mm (Light Dependant Resistor) is a variable resistor type electronic component, ie it is a resistor whose resistance varies according to the intensity of the light it receives and can be used as a light sensor. In practice, it converts brightness to resistance, the higher the brightness the lower the resistance, and the lower the brightness the higher the resistance. Extremely functional, LDR can be found in a wide range of consumer goods, such as cameras, security alarms, home lighting, or even street lighting.


    • LDR 10mm Lightness Sensor
    • Light Dependent Resistor - LDR
    • Variable resistor
    • Photocell LDR
    • Resistance varies with light intensity
    • Lower brightness higher resistance
    • Higher brightness lower resistance


    • Auto slide focus – dual cell

    • Camera Exposure control

    • Photocopy machines – the density of the toner

    • Colorimetric Test Equipment

    • Densitometer

    • Automatic Headlight Dimmer

    • Nightlight control

    • Oil burner flame out

    • Streetlight control

    Package Include:

    • 1 X Light Sensitive Photoresistor 10mm LDR Sensor

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