152mm Double Aluminum Omni Wheel (Bearing Type Roller)


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    • Model: EasyMech152
    • Diameter: 152 mm.
    • Total Width: 39 mm.
    • Axial OD: 22 mm.
    • Load capacity: 35 kg.

    Our Omnidirectional wheels will make your application/robot move in all the direction!!!!!These motor possess special design which includes Aluminum plates instead of Glass Fiber plates. The use of Aluminum gives good strength to this wheels and increases the loading capacity of the wheel. The wheel has the load capacity of 40kg, highest amongst the class.The 152mm Double Aluminium Omni Wheel gives your robot more controllable degrees of freedom as compared to conventional wheels which give only 2 degrees of freedom i.e moving forward and backward. The Omni Wheels provide easy 360° movement; with rotational and sideways maneuverability.Thus this is the mostly used sophisticated technology to convert a robot from Non-Holonomic to Holonomic. This omnidirectional wheels from are used in robotics, trolleys, transfer conveyor, shipping carts, luggage and so on.So, what makes this wheels move in all direction? those are the small rollers along the wheel circumference. These Rollers are placed in such a way that the rotational axis of this rollers is perpendicular to the rotational axis of the main wheel. So, the Omni wheels can rotate in a forward and a backward direction like ordinary wheels and also rotate freely around itself i.e 360° rotation because of such two rotational axes within one wheel.The 152mm Double Aluminium Omni Wheel equips 3 aluminum discs for each wheel plate. They feature rubber rollers along the circumference of the wheel which avoids slipping while moving sideways and gives minimum friction in movement. The rollers of this wheels have two bearings to allow the wheel to move smoothly and easily in ANY direction.


    • Branded high-quality wheel
    • It can bear loads around 35 kg.
    • 6 disc assembly gives them good strength.
    • These are heavy duty wheels.
    • Compatible with couplings of PCD-47.5 ( Anti-Slip Coupling and Hub Coupling )


    • 1 x 152mm Double Aluminium Omni Wheel

    my first specification - Hardik

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