Easy Module Shield Generic

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    Easy Module Shield is a learning board based on Arduino. No need for soldering and connection. Download directly the program to complete experiment. It is multi-purpose and we offer code library of all modules that have been tested. You can use them directly. We reserve a extended port on the shield to help you to complete other experiment.


    • Two pushbutton switches

    • Two LED module

    • One Multicolor color RGB LED module

    • Infrared receiving module (with handheld remote)

    • Light sensor module

    • Temperature and Humidity (DHT-11) sensor module

    • Sound output tone module (labeled "Buzzer")

    • Knob rotation potentiometer module

    • DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module

    • I2C interface (can be used with external LCD display)

    • TTL serial port

    • Two general-purpose digital input-output ports (D7 and D8)

    • A general-purpose analog port (A3)


    • Able to combine the shield with main controller on the market, such as UNO R3 and MEGA2560

    • Using two-channel LED indicator light to show the working condition of program for modulating program conveniently

    • Completing external interrupt experiment by two-channel key switch

    • One reset button

    • Measuring temperature and humidity with DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module

    • Using revolving potentiometer to do analog input

    • Alarming and making sound by passive buzzer module

    • Full-color LED

    • Utilizing photo varistor to detect the brightness of light

    • Detecting infrared receiving by infrared receiver

    • 2-channel digital quantity portD7D8

    • 1-channel analog quantity portA3One IIC interface


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