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AVR Development Board V3.0

SKU: 1931

1) AVR micro-controller is based on Modified Harvard architecture.
2) AVR micro-controller uses RISC Instruction Set Architecture.
3) It uses UART, USART, LIN, CAN, Ethernet, SPI, I2S communication protocols.
4) It consumes low power.
5) Its speed is 1 clock per instruction cycle.
6) It uses Flash, SRAM, EEPROM memory.

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    This Evaluation board provides an easy and low-cost way to develop projects on ATMEGA32 Microcontroller. All the required software's available as a free download including a C compiler.  ​


    • ​​Standard ATMEGA32 CPU with 7.3728MHz clock ​

    • Power ON Reset and Manual Reset 

    • Power indicating LED ​

    • 7.3728MHz crystal suitable for serial communication

    •  16x2 character LCD 

    • 2K bytes of EEPROM

    •  L293 Motor Driver

    •  Four 7-Segment multiplexed display

    •  8 LED Array

    •  RS232 to TTL converter

    •  Buzzer

    • Relay

    •  4*4 Matrix Keypad

    • 8 Switch array

    •  On-board Regulated power supply

    •  Port Extension for all ports

    •  12V, 5V, and Ground source for external connection

    •  ISP pins/connectors for programming the microcontroller

    •  No need to remove the microcontroller from the board

    •  Single-layer PCB with FR4 material

    •  On board Demo Projects


    It contains an on-chip central processing unit (CPU), Read-only memory (ROM), Random access memory (RAM), input/output unit, interrupt controller, etc. Therefore a microcontroller is used for high-speed signal processing operation inside an embedded system.

    Package Include:
    1 x AVR Development Board V3.0.

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