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SunRobotics Internet of Things ESP8266 Wifi IOT/MQTT Programming Starter Kit Including Codes & Tutorials

SKU: 2018

1) Learning/Skill Level: (Beginner to Advanced / Master).
2) CD/DVD Includes: User Guide, Codes/Sample Programs, Libraries & Reference books(Including Hard Handbook).
3) Package includes: 27-28 Different types of Components related to Arduino practical’s.
4) For All in one Ultimate Arduino Kits.

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    SunRobotics Internet of Things ESP8266 Wifi IoT/MQTT Programming Starter Kit by Sunrobotics.The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi microchip with a full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability. The Wireless Kit with ESP8266 is ideal for electronics enthusiasts and it is very useful to start working with the Arduino development environment. In addition, to the included guide for this kit, any enthusiast can start creating simple or even more complex projects, even though he has never used a development board before. For most sensors and components in the kit, detailed lessons and commented codes are available, and working with different sensors will become easier very quickly.

    Key point:

    • A basic beginner kit with all the necessary components to jumpstart your interest in learning and making your own projects.

    • A complete starter kit that includes a development board fully compatible with ESP8266.


    • Best kit for beginners who are interested in making and learning about wi-fi.

    • A complete starter kit includes a variety of components.

    • With the ESP8266 For Arduino Makers kit, you get what you want, what you need.

    Package includes:

    • 1 x ESP8266 WIFI NodeMCU board 

    • ​1 x USB Cable 

    • ​1 x I2C LCD Display 

    • ​1 x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor 

    • ​1 x Tilt sensor 

    • ​1 x 4 LED module 

    • ​1 x Stepper Motor 

    • ​1 x Stepper Motor driver Module 

    • ​1 x Servo Motor 

    • ​1 x Infrared Remote Controller 

    • ​1 x Soilderless Prototype Breadboard 

    • ​1 x Battery Holder Box 

    • 1 x Infrared receiver 

    • ​1 x Buzzer ​

    • ​3 x Photoresistor 

    • ​3 x Potentiometer 

    • ​5 x Push Buttons 

    • ​5 x Push Button caps 

    • 5 x 1Mohm Resistor 

    • ​6 x 5mm RED LED 

    • ​6 x 5mm White LED 

    • ​6 x 5mm Yellow LED 

    • ​6 x 5mm Green LED 

    • 10 x Jumper wires(F- F )  

    • ​20 x 220 ohm Resistor 

    • ​20 x 10kohm Resistor 

    • ​20 x 1kohm Resistor 

    • ​40 x Jumper wires (M-M) 


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