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Circle Bot Mini Omni Directional Robotics kit


1) 3 Wheel Omni Drive
2) Capable of rotation and sideways movements
3) Arduino DIY 10+ Learning Experiments
4) Bluetooth App-Based Autonomous Control
5) Acrylic chassis Black or White Best Available

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    The Poly Bluetooth Controlled Omni Wheel Robot Kit is an unconventional kit with a circular chassis; instead of the conventional rectangular chassis and Omni-wheels. The Omni-wheels are used with the specific intent of being able to turn and accelerate in any direction without changing the orientation of the robot.

    This Arduino-based Bluetooth-controlled Robot Kit is a 3WD car kit. It comes with 3 N20 Micro Metal Gear motors that have a high rpm. This Bluetooth robot kit is controlled by an Arduino. The kit also contains the necessary accessories to complete the robot, like Arduino motor driver/servo motor shield, batteries, and all the hardware tools required for the assembly.

    The chassis of the Bluetooth kit is made of acrylic with a diameter of making it light-weight and sturdy. The kit has two 18650 2200mAh batteries for the power supply.


    • 3 Wheel Omni Drive

    • Capable of rotation and sideways movements

    • Arduino DIY 10+ Learning Experiments

    • Bluetooth App-Based Autonomous Control

    • Acrylic chassis Black or White Best Available

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Poly Robotics Chassis

    • 1 x Arduino Uno R3 Compatible Board

    • 1 x Arduino Uno USB cable

    • 1 x L293D Motor Driver Shield

    • 1 x Arduino Power Supply connector

    • 1 x HC-05 Bluetooth Module

    • 1 x High Speed USB Printer Cable A to B Male to Male 1 Meter

    • 2 x XTT ICR18650 2200mAh Li-ion Battery

    • 1 x Li-ion 2 Cell Battery Charger

    • 1 x Taparia 810 Steel Two in One Screw Driver

    • 1 x Battery Holder Case for 2 x 18650 Series Battery

    • 3 x Micro Metal Gear Motor N20 6V 200RPM

    • 3 x Mounting Bracket for N20 Micro Gear motors

    • 3 x Omni wheel

    • 3 x 3mm Brass Hex Coupling For 38mm Plastic Omni Wheel with Accessories set

    • 6 X M3 FF 40mm: Stand-Off

    • 6 X M3 8mm Flat top Screws

    • 6 X M3 Nut

    • 6 X M2 10mm Flat top Screws

    • 6 X M2 Nut 

    • 10 x Jumper Wires(male to male)

    • 10 x Jumper Wires(female to female)

    • 10 x Jumper Wires(male to a female)

    • 12 X M3 10mm Flat top Screws

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