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6WD Robotics Chassis including Motors , wheels & 4AA Battery holder & All Electronics

SKU : SYN-2118

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    6WD Robotics Chassis including Motors, wheels & 4AA Battery holder & All Electronics by Sunrobotics. High-quality complete DIY robotic chassis components, Motor driver L293D, Ultrasonic sensor, Line array sensor, IR Sensor, Bluetooth module, and supporting components with 150 RPM high-quality BO motors and wider Wheels. This 6WD Mini Round Double-Deck Smart Robot Car Chassis DIY Kit is Cool and a very easy to assemble robot kit.  With this car platform, you can add some micro-controller and sensor modules, and program them to build your own robot car.

    Key Point:

    • Great kit for beginners who are interested to learn about Robotics.

    • The kit comes with chassis and Electronics Components.


    • The smart robot chassis is made with laser-cut acrylic chassis with two dual shaft motors for either side. 

    • The robot chassis with a High Degree of Freedom, Ideal for DIY Subjects, Development of Hobbies, and Interests.

    • All in one DIY robotic chassis.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 X Arduino Uno 

    • 1 X USB Cable 

    • 1 X Arduino Motor Shield 

    • 1 X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 

    • 1 X Servo motor 

    • 1 X Bluetooth Module(HC-05) 

    • 1 X Ultrasonic Bracket 

    • 1 X 6WD Robot Chassis 

    • 6 X DC Gear Motor 

    • 6 X Wheels 

    • 1 X 4AA Battery Holder 

    • 1 X Switch  

    • 10 X Male to Female Jumper Wires 

    • 10 X Male to Male Jumper Wires 

    • 20 X Female to Female Jumper Wire 

    • 11 X M3 10mm Flat Top Screws 

    • 33 X M3 Nut 

    • 2 X M3 40mm Flat Top Screws 

    • 12 X M3 30mm Flat Top Screws 

    • 2 X M2  10mm Flat top screws 

    • 8 X M3 8mm Flat Top Screws 

    • 2 X M2 Nuts


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