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Warm Gear 6mm

SKU: 2143

1) Material: Plastic
2) Pitch Diameter=40 mm
3) Length=32mm
4) Center Shaft Diameter=6mm.

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    Worm gear can be used in many robotic applications. Basically they are used to increase torque. This Worm gear when used in combination with the spur gear has a center distance of 27mm in between them and the gear ratio is 1:25

    A Plastic Worm Gear for various Motion transfer mechanism designs. It fits tightly on any 6mm D Shape Shaft motor, for example commonly available BO motors and D Shaped High Torque DC motors. This gear comes with a reducer nut to couple axle/ shafts of diameter less than the actual diameter.


    • Pitch Diameter=40 mm
    • Length=32mm
    • Center Shaft Diameter=6mm.
    • Material: Plastic
    Package Include:
    • 1 x Warm Gear 6mm

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