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Open Source Multipurpose Robot Platform Chassis Kit Including Motors and Wheels

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    Build Multiple types of Robots from one chassis. Has slots for all your general needs.

    This chassis has multiple holes and slots so that you can fit your electronics easily on this rigid chassis. Its made from an acrylic sheet.


    • Good quality robotic chassis DIY kit at a good value. 

    • 200 Rpm good quality motors and wider wheels. 

    • LASER cut super smooth acrylic chassis. 

    • The mechanical structure​​ is simple, 4 DC motors, flexible turning, Chassis is stable and very easy to expand.

    Package Include:

    • 1 X Open source Chassis 

    • 4 x 200 RPM High Torque DC Geared Motor Side Shaft for Robotics

    • 4 x Robot Wheel 7 x 2 cm For Motors by Generic

    • 1 x Taparia 810 Steel Two in One Screw Driver (Green and Silver)

    • 4 x M3 10mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw 

    • 8 x M3 X 12mm Female-Female Standoff Spacer

    • 12 x M3 Nut SS 

    • 32 x M3 8mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw 

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