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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser DIY Kit

SKU : 2201

The demand for hand sanitizers has surged since the coronavirus outbreak. Hand sanitizers are usually applied by squirting the sanitizer liquid when one presses a pump with one's hand. This causes many people to contact the pump handle, which increases the risk of viral transmission.

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    This is Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser DIY Kit. You can make your own automatic sanitizer at home by using this kit and protect your self. Circuit diagram is attached in the pictures, study it and connect all the components according to circuit diagram. For power supply you can use 5v mobile charger , power bank or USB power supply. Once you move your hand near to the IR sensor it will motion detect it and pump will start. Use of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are the perfect solution for moisturized, germ free hands on the go. They kill most of the common germs and keep your hands clean and soft and with a choice of seasonal scents. You get cleanliness and lightly fragranced hands, and all this without having to use any water. This makes the sanitizer Defend against germs, anytime, anywhere.


    • Operating Voltage : 5V DC

    • Circuit Diagram is attached in the Pics, Please find and connect all elements according to it .

    • Dc 3v to 6v submersible pump, Power Consumption: 0.4W To 1.5W Rate Of Flow: 80 - 120L/Hr Lift : 1.1M Max.

    • Adjustable Range using preset (Using Potentiometer On board) | Mounting Hole of 2.5mm diameter for Easy Mounting.


    • ​1 X IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module.

    • 1 X Submersible Mini water pump DC 3V-6V.

    • 1 X TIP32C PNP Bipolar Power Transistor .

    • 1 X Power cable.

    • 1 X 1K Ohm Resistor.

    • 6 X Male to Male Jumper Wires.

    • 1 X Silicone Pipe - 30cm.

    • 4 X Cable Ties.

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