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LineBot Arduino-Based Robotics Kits


1) High-Quality QTR-8RC Line Following Reflectance IR Sensor Array
2) High-Speed Micro Metal Gear Motors N20 with Decent Torque
3) Line Following Robot Operated with 18650 Battery Cell
4) Light Weight Laser Cutting Acrylic Chassis
5) Easy to Assemble with Assembly Video

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    Highly developed, open-source Arduino software-based line follower robot kit by SunRobotics. Line following robot is a type that you can easily use for starting robotics. We provide high-speed micro metal gear motors N20 with decent torque, QTR-8RC line following reflectance IR sensor array, a rechargeable cell with charger, Arduino Uno, Arduino motor driver shield, and more. The sensor-based black line follower robot is one of the most basic robots used to follow a black line on a white background or vice versa. 
    Very competitive robot with good price! Suitable for all line follower robot competitions with easy Arduino code.

    • High-quality QTR-8RC line following reflectance IR sensor array

    • High-speed micro metal gear motors N20 with decent torque

    • Line following robot operated with rechargeable18650 battery cell

    • Lightweight laser cutting acrylic chassis

    • Suitable for robot project homework, and class workshops.

    • Easy programming with open-source Arduino IDE

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Arduino Uno

    • 1 x L293D motor driver shield

    • 1 x USB cable 

    • 1 x Mini 3PI car N20 Caster Robot Ball Wheel

    • 1 x Mounting Bracket for N20 Micro Gear motor

    • 1 x QTR-8RC Line Following Reflectance IR Sensor Array

    • 1 x 18650 Battery Holder

    • 2 x Micro Metal Gear Motor N20 6V 200RPM

    • 2 x 18650 Battery

    • 2 x 3PI mini Car wheel Tyre 44mm N20 DC Gear Motor Wheel

    • 4 x M3 X 30 Stud 

    • 10 x M3 Nut SS 

    • 12 x M3 x 8 screw

    • 20 x Female to Female Jumper Wire

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