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2WD Robotics Chassis Including Motors, Wheels & 18650 Battery Holder V2.0 (YELLOW)

SKU: 2257

1) The smart robot chassis is made with laser-cut acrylic chassis.
2) Smart car chassis tracing car Robot car chassis Ideal for DIY.
3) With 18650 battery cell and holder.
4) It can be used for distance measurement and velocity.
5) Can be use with other devices to realize the function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, and speed testing,
6) Wireless remote control.

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    This is a 2WD Robotics Chassis Including Motors, Wheels, And a 18650 Battery Holder V2.0 comes with a quality product. The kit is easy to assemble/disassemble. Now it has become very easy to design robotic smart cars with us.

    The main body of the chassis is made of a laser-cut clear acrylic sheet and can hold two gear motors on either side and a supporting universal castor wheel. The chassis has enough holes and openings for mounting sensors, servo, motor drivers, and control modules. This kit can be used to build a robot for distance sensing, obstacle avoidance, line follower, flame detector, speed tester, wireless remote-controlled car, and any other creative works. Best 2wd chassis for the robot.


    • The smart robot chassis is made with laser-cut acrylic chassis with two dual shaft motors for either side. 

    • The mechanical structure is simple, 2 DC gear motors, flexible turning, eco-friendly chassis that is stable, and very easy to expand. 

    • Educational learning kit for beginners (kids) to get hands-on experience about Robotics & Can extend electronics systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. Realizing functions of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, and wireless remote control. 

    • The 2WD robot car features a universal castor to avoid slippage. This 2-wheel robot car has placeholders for different sensors, servos, and modules.

    Package Includes:

    1 X 2WD Robot Chassis
    2 X BO DC gear Motor
    2 X Wheels
    1 X Custer wheel
    1 X Ultrasonic Bracket
    1 X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
    1 X Servo motor
    1 X Rocker ON-OFF SPST Mini Switch 2 Pin
    1 X 18650 Battery Holder
    6 X M3 FF 12mm: Standoff
    4 X M3 30mm Flat top Screws
    2 X M3 12mm Flat Top Screws
    1 X M3 10mm Flat Top Screws
    12 X M3 8mm Flat top Screws
    7 X M3 Nut
    2 X M2 10mm Flat Top Screws
    2 X M2 Nut
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