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4WD Robotics Chassis including Motors, Wheels & 18650 Battery Holder V2.0 (ORANGE)

SKU: 2272

1) The smart robot chassis is made with laser-cut acrylic chassis.
2) Smart car chassis tracing car Robot car chassis Ideal for DIY.
3) Very handy and simple in assembling/disassembling.
4) Strong components so as to withstand extreme terrain conditions.
5) Attractive design.

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    This is 4WD Robotics Chassis With Motors Wheels And Accessories V2.0. It comes with the four BO Motors and four Wheels, an Ultrasonic sensor, Servo motor, 18650 Battery Holder, and an On-Off Switch. All the products included in this car kit are quality products. Different color chassis are available for this kit.

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    • The smart robot chassis is made with laser-cut acrylic chassis with two dual shaft motors for either side. 

    • The robot chassis with a High Degree of Freedom, Ideal for DIY Subjects, Development of Hobbies and Interests.

    • All in one DIY robotic chassis.

    • The most economical and newest robot car kit with a simple mechanical structure, a nice system, and is very easy to install

    Package Include:

    • 1 X 4WD Robot Chassis V2.0

    • 4 X Wheels

    • 4 X BO Motor

    • 1 X HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

    • 1 X Ultrasonic Bracket

    • 1 X Rocker ON-OFF SPST Mini Switch 2 Pin

    • 1 X 18650 Battery Holder

    • 6 X M3 FM 40mm: Standoff

    • 8 X M3 30mm Flat top Screws

    • 2 X M3 12mm Flat Top Screws

    • 1 X M3 10mm Flat Top Screws

    • 8 X M3 8mm Flat top Screws

    • 19 X M3 Nut

    • 2 X M2 10mm Flat Top Screws

    • 2 X M2 Nut

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