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EBike Twist Throttle Grip Accelerator for E-bike Generic

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    24V/36V/48V EBike Twist Throttle Grip Accelerator for E-bike product is an attachment to a motor controller for MY1016 E-Bike Motor. It is used as input to control motor. It is similar to the scooter accelerator available in the market.

    It features linear control over E-Bike motor and lets you change the speed of the vehicle according to your requirement. It obtains a direct connection with the E-Bike Controller Circuitry through the wire attached to it.

    Wire Configurations

    Red – Supply
    Black – GND
    Green – Signal

    1. Type: Twist Throttle
    2. The inner diameter of handle: 23 mm.
    3. Inner Total length: 120 mm.
    4. Weight: 210 gm.
    5. Length of Wire: 1.56 m.
    6. Wire: Red – Supply, Black – GND, Green – Signal.

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