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CNC Shield V3+UNO R3+ 4pcs DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver With Heatsink for Uno R3

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    product description/specifications


    This is CNC Shield V3+UNO R3+ 4pcs DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver With Heatsink for Uno R3  .

    CNC SHIELD BOARD :   Latest Arduino CNC Shield Version 3.0 Grbl 0.9 Compatible 4-Axis Support (X, Y, Z , A-Can Duplicate X,Y,Z Or Do A Full 4Th Axis With Custom Firmware Using Pins D12 And D13) 2 X End Stops For Each Axis (6 In Total) Coolant Enable Compatible With A4988 Or Drv8825 Stepper Driver Runs On 12-36V DC 

     STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER DRV8825 WITH HEATSINK : This breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 micro stepping bipolar stepper motor driver features adjustable current limiting, over-current and over-temperature protection, and six micro step resolutions (down to 1/32-step). It operates from 8.2 V to 45 V and can deliver up to approximately 1.5 A per phase without a heat sink or forced air flow (rated for up to 2.2 A per coil with sufficient additional cooling). The driver has a pinout and interface that are nearly identical to those of our A4988 stepper motor driver carriers, so it can be used as a higher-performance drop-in replacement for those boards in many applications. 


    • ​Mix with slow current decay modes

    • Internal UVLO and Low RDS (On) Output

    • Automatic current decay mode detection/selection

    • ​Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation

    • Warning: Connecting or disconnecting a stepper motor while the driver is powered can destroy the driver.


    • 1 X CNC Shield

    • 1 X Arduino Uno r3 board

    • 4 x DRV8825 Driver

    • 4 x Heatsinks

    • 1 x Arduino Uno USB cable 

    Product Specification, Right here

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