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3D Pen V2 Printing and Drawing by PLA ABS filament

SKU: 2943

1) Printing range: unlimited
2) Spinning speed: adjustable
3) Printing consumables: ABS PLA 1.75mm material
4) Heating temperature: within the range of 180-220 degrees
5) Equipment working voltage: 12V2A
6) Direct nozzle: 0.7mm
7) Product material: plastic shell

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    ABS & PLA FILAMENT - The 3D Printing Pen is compatible with both 1.75mm ABS & PLA Filament. We recommend using 1.75mm PLA filament, which is a more eco-friendly option. EASY SETUP & AUTO SHUTDOWN - Fast boot setup in just 30 seconds gets you drawing and creating quickly. 2nd generation safety features, the 3D pen will automatically shut down when not in use for over 5 minutes. EASY HANDLING - Pen style, lightweight 2.2oz design makes this the most comfortable and ergonomic 3D printing pen available. CREATE IN 3D - The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3 Dimensions, freehand or on paper. Creates multi-layer artwork! Colour May Vary.


    • This 3D Pen is designed for the freehand drawing of 3-Dimensional objects.

    • 0.7 mm Nozzle and Uses ABS 1.75mm ABS/PLA Material.

    • Ergonomic design for optimum handling.

    • Adjustable output speed, temperature.

    • In many paint colors: filament is changed easily by pressing a button.

    • LED indicator to check the operating temperature.

    • Create projects horizontally or vertically.

    • Embellish and personalize crafts or use to repair and modify 3D prints.

    • Suitable for families and crafts.


    • Extrusion Mode: Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting

    • Formation: 3D

    • Width of Extrusion: Manual

    • Filament Used: ABS, PLA

    • Diameter of Filament: 1.75mm

    • Speed Of Extrusion: Adjustable

    • Nozzle Hole Size : 0.7mm

    • Theological Extrusion Quantity : 0.076-0.86 square minute (Adjustable)

    • Melting Temp of Material : ABS-230C PLA-170C

    • Adapter Current: 100/250V 3A

    • Pen Electric Spec: DC 12V 2A 24w

    • Dimension: 184 x 31 x 46mm

    • Weight: 65gm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 3D Pen V2 Printing and Drawing by PLA ABS filament

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