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Arduino UNO R3 High Quality Transparent Box Case

SKU: 3288

1) With screw copper pillar and installation instructions.
2) weight: 20g
3) Dimensions: 75mm x 60mm x 16.8mm
4) Material: A grade acrylic sheet

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    These cases protect your Arduino Uno from things like rogue wires that might short it out while still allowing full access to the board! Simply snap the Uno into the bottom half of the enclosure, then snap the two sides together. As you may have noticed, these enclosures are actually transparent. The enclosures are perfect for letting you see your Arduino Uno and make any needed adjustments easily.

    The enclosure provides slots to access each header, USB port, a power jack, the reset button,  the AREF and ICSP connectors, as well as feet and vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling and slide-in wall mounting slots. All of the status LEDs on the Uno are visible through the case.

    Note: Arduino Uno is only for references. Not included with the case.


    • with screw copper pillar and installation instructions. 

    • Weight: 20g

    • Dimensions: 75mm x 60mm x 16.8mm 

    • Material: A grade acrylic sheet

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Arduino UNO R3 High-Quality Transparent Box Case 

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