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Mp3 Voice U-Disk Audio Player Module

SKU: 3606

1) Supports FAT file system SD carrier.
2) Supports playing of 4Bit ADCPM format files.
3) Recognize the voice files automatically.
4) Support microprocessor and key control.
5) Audio output: 16bitDAC and PWM.
6) Maximum voice storage: 512 voice.

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    WTV020-SD module is a voice Rewritable content type of mass storage voice module, pluggable maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory. Can load WAV format voice, and AD4 formats voice.

    WTV020-SD module voice chip WTV020SD-20S master core, with MP3 control mode, the key one-to-one control mode (3 voice with the voice two), the power-loop control mode as well as the second-line serial control mode.

    MP3 control mode: play / stop, and the next one, on one, Volume +, Volume – functions.

    The key one-to-one control mode (3 paragraphs voice): a key corresponding trigger a voice have to play three voice and adjust the volume subtraction function, all buttons are default trigger pulse not repeat.


    • The product supports plug-maximum the 1G capacity of the SD card;
    • Supports playback of 4Bit ADPCM format files;
    • Automatically recognize the voice files;
    • Loadable 6KHz to 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate AD4 audio;
    • Loadable 6KHz ~ 16KHz sampling rate WAV audio;
    • 16bitDAC and PWM audio output;
    • Can store up to 512 voice;
    • WTV020-SD-20S, WTV020-SD-16P two module types;
    • Support micro-processor and key control;
    • Voice playback can call any paragraph;
    • Power-down save operation data capabilities;
    • Loaded voice without software assistance to the SD card can be placed directly on the voice;
    • Support file combination play, including mute combination;
    • Operating voltage: DC2.5 ~ 3.6V;
    • Quiescent Current: 16uA (SD card is not inserted).

    Package Include:

    1 X  Mp3 Voice U-Disk Audio Player Module.

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