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RGB LED Driver WS2812 12 Bit for Flight Controller

SKU: 3837

1) Voltage: 5V
2) Port: Digital
3) Platform: for Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontroller
4) 5050 highlight LED, built-in control chip, only an IO port to control multiple LED

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    Intelligent reverse polarity protection, power Supply reverse polarity will not damage the IC.; IC control circuit and a power LED spotlight utility. ; Control circuit chip with RGB components in a package in 5050, to form a complete external control pixel. ; built-in signal shaping circuit, any one pixel after receiving the signal through the Waveform shaping and then Output to ensure line Waveform distortion will not accumulate. ;

    Built-in power-on reset and brown-out reset circuit. ; a trichromatic color of each pixel can realize 256 highlighted, complete 16777216 colors of all true color display, the scanning frequency is not less than 400Hz / s. serial cascade interface, through a signal line, to complete the receiving and decoding of data. ; transfer transmission distance between any two points in less than 5 meters without any additional circuitry. ; When the refresh rate of 30 frames/sec, cascading the number of not less than 1024 points. ; data transmission speeds of up to 800Kbps. ; The color of the light highly consistent, cost-effective.


    • Chip built shaping circuit, signal distortion is not cumulative, stable display

    • Send and receive data at speeds up to 800Kbps

    • Highlight LED, light color high brightness consistency

    • Both ends even level interface, can be connected directly

    Package Include:

    • 1 x RGB LED Driver WS2812 12 Bit for Flight Controller

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