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RGB LED Driver WS2812 16 Bit for Flight Controller

SKU: 3838

1) Voltage: DC4-7V power supply
2) Communication interface: single wire communication.
3) LED driver chip WS2812B.

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    Round black shape, let us be clear at a glance! 16 super bright smart NeoPixels LED arranged in a 44mm outside diameter circular PCB.These ring RGB lamps can be simply connected via the output pin cascade one to the other's input pin (DI-DO).In this way, use only one single chip you will be able to control as many LED lights as possible, each LED lamp is integrated with a driver chip in it, so that our LED becomes intelligent and addressable. Each has a -18 Ma constant current drive, so the LED color will be very uniform, even if the voltage change is the same, do not need an external resistor current limiting resistor to make the overall design of the RGB lamp ring to become slim, as you see so simple and easy to use. With 5V power supply to drive the RGB lamp ring.


    • Outer Diameter: 44 mm
    • Inner Dia: 32 mm.
    • Thickness: 3 mm
    • Net weight: 6 gm.
    • Voltage: DC4-7V power supply
    • Communication interface: single wire communication.
    • LED driver chip WS2812B.

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