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Minim OSD On Screen Display module for APM flight Controller

SKU: 3888

1) Operating voltage: 5V(FTDI connector) and 12V(Video I/O connector)
2) Supported NTSC & PAL
3) FTDI connector

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    OSD On Screen Display Module is used for the APM flight Controller. 3DR MinimOSD mavlink for APM APM2.6 2.52 2.8 Flight Controller. This OSD support same time two burning FTDI burn unit and TTL burn unit. OSD can only be used on the APM, cannot meet the GPS used alone,can only read mavlink protocol. If it is used alone, please put the TX RX shall be connected to the APM. If it is connected to digital are used together, take the TX not define the OSD,RX can directly OSD when using the camera must be first to electricity, or electricity on the OSD and the camera together, otherwise it will lead to can't detect formats to display images or OSD information.

    The OSD is the automatic identification of the camera video formats. But if you don't pick up camera, you can choose a spot on the back doesn't have a camera output formats. The designed for ArduPilot MEGA and MAVlink protocol design of the flight control system. Its main part is a Arduino ATmega328 MCU and MAX7456 monochrome screen stack chips. Programming is through a FTDI compatible 6 pin connector.


    • ATMEGA328P Microcontroller

    • MAX7456-EUI monochrome on-screen display

    • MAX7456-EUI monochrome on-screen display

    • 5V/500mA DC/DC regulator for MAX7456-EUI

    • Operating voltage: 5V(FTDI connector) and 12V(Video I/O connector)

    • Supported NTSC & PAL

    • FTDI connector 

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