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3V DC Small Motor

SKU: 4199

1) Voltage supply range: 3V to 6V
2) Typical operating voltage: 5V
3) No-load current: 25 mA
4) No-load speed: up to 14000 @6V
5) Maximum Loaded current: 250mA

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    This DC motor is a simple and small DC motor with low voltage and high RPM. the motor is useful for different robotics and momentary projects. It can run in 3-6V supply and RPM can reach up to 14000.

    Sunrobotics has a high-quality toy motor at the lowest price possible, so buy this must-have DC toy motor online across India.

    • Voltage supply range: 3V to 6V

    • Typical operating voltage: 5V

    • No-load current: 25 mA

    • No-load speed: up to 14000 @6V

    • Maximum Loaded current: 250mA

    • Maximum stall current: 500mA

    • Loaded speed: 5000 rpm

    • Rated load: 10g-cm

    • Starting torque: 20g-cm


    • In various electronics project where momentary is required

    • Different types of toy car

    Package Include:

    • 1 X  3V DC Small Motor by Generic

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