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NEMA34 Stepper Motor 85KGCM Torque

SKU: 4210

1) Length(L) : 118mm
2) Shaft Dia : 12.70mm
3) Shaft Length : 32mm
4) Weight : 3800grams

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    ​Stepper motors can use, wherever you want controlled rotation or precise angular motion. Pulse in the input given to it. controlling pulse width, you get controlled motions. Using microcontrollers, you control the input pulse duration, duty cycle, period, etc so that you get précised speed or angle. Stepper motors are often misconceived as the lesser of servo motors, but as a matter of fact, they are highly reliable just like servo motors. The motor operates by accurately synchronizing with the pulse signal output from the controller to the driver, achieving highly accurate positioning and speed control. Stepper motors feature high torque and low vibration at low-speeds, ideal for applications requiring quick positioning in short distance. 

    You Know About the Stepper Motors? 
    “Stepper motors? Servo motors must have better performance This is a typical response when asked about stepper motors. There is a major misconception about stepper motors. In fact, stepper motors used in various types of applications such as advanced equipment and accessible automated instruments. Stepper motors have been used in many applications and industries as a motor solution for drive systems requiring high accuracy control, such as factory automation, manufacturing equipment for semiconductor, and solar panel, medical devices, analytical instruments, precision stage, financial systems, food packaging machines, and aperture diaphragm adjustments for cameras.​


    • Step Angle                : 1.8 Degree​

    • Configuration           : 4 wire bipolar stepper motor

    • Holding Torque        : 85kgcm bipolar mode

    • Phase Current          : 5Amp

    • Resistance/Phase   : 0.76ohm

    • Inductance/Phase   : 8.5 mH

    • Rotor Inertia              : 2700 gcm2

    • Length(L)                   : 118mm

    • Shaft Dia                    : 12.70mm

    • Shaft Length             : 32mm

    • Weight                        : 3800grams

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