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DC Motor Speed Controller 15A PWM 1000W

SKU: 4667

1) Operating Voltage: 6-90VDC
2) Operating Current: Upto 15A
3) Controlled Power: 0.01-1000W
4) Static Current: 0.005A (Standby)

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    This DC Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM). It’s perfect for applications like fans, etc. providing a nice adjustment of motor speed.

    How to use:

    • First, remove the potentiometer. (you may take it down from one side of the circuit board or potentiometer side down under your need);

    • Second, connecting the 0-5V DC control signal to the middle pin marking 0-5V;

    • Thirdly, connecting the earth wire of 0-5V DC control signal to the connecting piece on the pin marking GND;


    • This can NOT be used on the BRUSHLESS motor.

    • Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals of the DC power supply, otherwise, the governor may be damaged.

    • The motor can be positive or negative, regardless of when the direction is inconsistent with expectations and can be changed by adjusting the direction of the line sequence.

    • Adjustment potentiometer knob to change the governor output duty cycle, the motor speed change.

    • With the use of a 0-5V external voltage control line, the speed controller supports the use of an external DC voltage control.

    • Wide operating voltage: DC 6V-DC 90V, max. power: 1000W.

    • A PWM speed controller enables you to control the speed of DC motors smoothly.

    • This motor speed control switch can control the motor speed from between 0% -100%.

    • Support PLC control, stable performance, high efficiency, and low noise.

    • Suitable for applications like fans, etc. providing nice adjustment of motor speed.

    Package Includes:
    • 1 x DC Motor Speed Controller

    • 1 x Potentiometer with connector

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