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F450 Quadcopter Frame with APM2.8 Flight Controller with KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board Drone Kit

SKU: 50127

1. Pack contains quality products
2. All products are tested and ready to perform
3. All essential equipment required to build a Quadcopter is included in this kit

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    This is ARF Quadcopter which Frames with APM2.8 Flight Controller Drone Kit by Sunrobotics. will help you become a quadcopter pilot. This kit has very good products and is available at an affordable cost. For someone new to the multirotor hobby, putting together your first quadcopter parts list and bringing them home can be extremely daunting. Trying to figure out what to buy and what parts will work together is tough, especially for people who don’t come from a background in radio-controlled planes or helicopters. For the people who want to build a quadcopter but don’t know where to start. It can be frustrating trying to sort things and figure out what to do. We’ve heard from a lot of people who are in similar positions and this bunch of products is designed to spell out exactly what you need for your quadcopter build. While we will recommend a complete list of specific parts that we have tested for a complete quadcopter build, the main purpose providing an ARF Quadcopter Economy Combo Kit needed to build a quadcopter.


    • Pack contains quality products.

    • All products are tested and ready to perform.

    • All essential equipment required to build a Quadcopter is included in this kit.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x F450 Quadcopter Frame    

    • 4 x BLDC 1000KV motor                 

    • 4 x Simonk ESC                 

    • 1 x KK 2.1.5                    

    • 1 x Lipo battery Bonka          


    • 1 x Flysky CT6B 6CH Remote Tx & Rx           

    • 1 x Imax b3 charger                          

    • 2 x Propeller Pair 1045    

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