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SKYRC E3 AC 2S~3S Li-Po Battery Balance Charger V2 Original

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    This is SKYRC E3 AC 2S / 3S Li-Po Battery Charger (V2) (Original), it takes 100-240V, good for any country in the world. There are no buttons on the charger, so simply wait for the charger’s green lights to come on, which means the battery is ready. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to charge an 11.1V 2200mah Li-Po Battery Pack.

    Charge Status LED:

    LED IndicatorCharger Status

    LED stays green and flashes red

    The charger is ready to charge

    LED glows constant red

    The charger is charging

    LED glows constant green

    The charging process finishes

    Error Message:

    All LEDs flashes red once and stop 1 second in cycle

    The battery connects incorrectly

    All LEDs flashes red twice and stop 1 second in cycle

    The charger encounters overload or short circuit

    All LEDs flashes red four times and stop 1 second in cycle

    The voltage of a single cell is too high or too low

    All LEDs flashes red six times and stop 1 second in cycle

    There is a 300mv difference of voltage between a battery pack

    Specifications and Features : 

    • Version 2.0.
    • Input: AC 110V-240V AC.
    • Dimension approx: 88 X 57 X 35mm.
    • Cell count range: 1-3 cells.
    • Max Charge Current: 1.5A.
    • Operational mode display: via 3 Leeds.

    Package Includes :

    • 1 x SKYRC E3 AC 2S / 3S Li-Po Battery Charger (V2) (Original).

    • 1 x AC Power Cord (Indian Plug)

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