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Parallel Port Buffered Breakout Board For 3 Axis CNC Mach3

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    Mach3 CNC Stepping Motor Driver Interface Adapter Breakout Board +USB Cable. Parallel Port Breakout Board is a low cost complete solution for small cnc machines like CNC routers and can be controlled directly from PC parallel port. This board can be used to control CNC machines which use 3 Stepper or Servo motors. The drives for steppers or servos must have impulse (step & direction) input. Only 3 connections are required for each drive – Step, Direction and GND. If PC is not having parallel port an add-on Parallel Port PCI card can be added to get one. You can also add multiple cards and breakout board to create more complex system with many IO pins.:


    • One relay output can be connected to spindle switch with using P17.
    • 0-10V photocoupler separated analog voltage output can be connected to Frequency converter by using to control the spindle speed with P1.
    • All 17 LPT ports are available, they can be connected to stepping motor drivers and control five stepping motor.
    • P1 can be used to output PWM signal and can control the spindle Speed Regulator that has a photocoupler for input.
    • Can be connected to stepping motor drivers using common anode or common cathode input connection.
    • All of the LPT port names are printed on board, easy to be used.

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