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Bluetooth4.0 Audio Receiver With Stereo Power Amplifier

SKU: 5659

1) The voltage of the power supply is 5 V. It can be used as a common power amplifier and active speaker to increase the Bluetooth connection function.
2) Output interface PIN 7 to space the hole 2.54, 7PIN output interface for: + power, ground, left, right, silence, LED status indication, reserved port.
3) Plate size: 30mm X 20mm X 3mm.

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    Stereo Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Module For DIY Modified Speaker has a built-in Bluetooth module. The antenna structure is simple. The power supply voltage is 3.7 ~ 5V; active speakers increase Bluetooth connection function. The 7PIN output interface is spacing 2.54 through a hole; The LED state port is connected with a 100-ohm resistor in series; LED indicates the ground connection, the Bluetooth is not connected and the flash is fast. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, it is slow flashing.


    • Input Voltage (V) : 5

    • Bluetooth version : 4.0

    • Dimensions : 30 x 20 x 3 mm

    • Weight : 2 gm

    Package Includes :

    • 1 x Stereo Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Module.

    • 1 x LED.

    • 2 x Capacitance.

    • 1 x Resistor

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