IoT NodeMcu WiFi Based Starter Kit


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    This kit contains NodeMcu development board from ESP that, like its namesake, is thin, light and lets you fly. We designed this kit to be a new standard for portable microcontroller cores. This starter kit contains the ESP8266 NodeMcu our take on an 'all-in-one' ESP8266 WiFi development board with built-in USB.At the kit heart is an ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller clocked at 80 MHz and at 3.3V logic. This microcontroller contains a Tensilica chip core as well as a full WiFi stack. You can program the microcontroller using the Arduino IDE for an easy-to-run Internet of Things core. We wired up a USB-Serial chip that an upload code at a blistering 921600 baud for fast development time. It also has auto-reset so no noodling with pins and reset button pressings.

    Kit Includes:

    • 1xESP8266 WI-FI Nodemcu board
    • 1xMicro USB cable
    • 1xI2C 1602 LCD Display Screen
    • 1x 9g Servo Motor
    • 1xDHT11 Temp & Humi Sensor module
    • 1x2 Relay Board module
    • 1xStepper motors driver ULN
    • 1xpotentiometer
    • 1xbuzzer
    • 1xLDR Module
    • 1xInfrared receiver TSOP
    • 1xInfrared remote control
    • LED (6x white, 6X red, 6x Yellow, 6X green)
    • 5xpush Buttons
    • Resistors (20X 470ohm, 20x 10k?, 20x 1Kohm, 1Mohm)
    • 10xJumper wire M to M
    • 10xJumper wire M to F
    • 10xJumper wire F to F
    • 1xBread board MB102

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