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ESP-01 ESP8266 Pin Board Adapter Module

SKU: 5687

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    This is the commonly used ESP-01 type breadboard adapter for ESP8266 serial to WIFI transceiver modules. Since the ESP-01 pin arrangement is not bread plate friendly and has no label, this makes it less convenient for fast prototyping. This breadboard adapter will help you do it.Using the esp-01 module prototype is easier. This break is easy to provide a clear lead at the top, silk screen, and will be well suited to your favorite bread board.Last but not least, we added a 0.1 F decoupling capacitor, so the ESP-01 will always run smoothly without hindrance.

    • 3.3V:VCC
    • UART adapter
    • Select NL CR 15200 baud rate
    • 3.3V:CH-PD

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