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Voltage Detection Sensor Module up to 25V

SKU: 6109

1) Voltage input range : DC 0-25 V; Voltage detection range : DC0.02445V – 25V.
2) Voltage analog resolution : 0.00489 V; Output Interface : “+ ” connected 5/3.3V, “-” connected GND, “s” connected to AD pins DC input interface : red terminal positive with VCC, negative with GND.
3) By 3P connector, connect this module with the expansion of board , not only makes it easier for you to detect voltage battery, can also use the IICLCD1602 LCD to display voltage. Size: 25mm×13mm/0.98″×0.51″(approx).

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    The Arduino analog input is limited to a 5 VDC input.   If you wish to measure higher voltages,  you will need to resort to another means.  One way is to use a voltage divider. It is fundamentally a 5:1 voltage divider using a 30K and a 7.5K Ohm resistor. Keep in mind, you are restricted to voltages that are less than 25 volts.   More than that and you will exceed the voltage limit of your Arduino input.


    • GND – This is where you connect the low side of the voltage you are measuring.   Caution! : This is the same electrical point as your Arduino ground.
    • VCC: The is where you connect the high side of  the voltage you are measuring


    • S:  This connects to your Arduino analog input.
    • – (or minus): This connects to your Arduino ground.
    • +: This is not connected.  It does absolutely nothing.

    Package Included:

    • 1 X  Voltage Detection Sensor Module up to 25V.

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