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ESP8266 weather station kit with DHT11 temperature humidity,BMP180 atmospheric pressure,BH1750 fvi light sensor, 0.96" oled iic display by SunRobotics

SKU : 6122

1) A variety of components are included in the kit to make Endless Projects.
2) A great way to learn about analog- digital sensors modules.
3) Comes With Basic Components Required for an IoT Project.

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    ESP8266 weather station kit with DHT11 temperature humidity, BMP180 atmospheric pressure, BH1750FVI light sensor, 0.96" OLED display by SunRobotics.The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi microchip with a full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability. DHT11 temperature-humidity uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air and spits out a digital signal on the data pin (no analog input pins are needed). BMP180 atmospheric pressure sensor with temperature, and barometric pressure is the next generation upgrade to the BMP085/BMP180/BMP183. This sensor is great for all sorts of weather sensing and can even be used in both I2C and SPI. BH1750FVI is a digital Ambient Light Sensor having an I2C interface. This IC is suitable for obtaining ambient light data. It is possible to detect a wide range at high resolution. 0.96" OLED I2C displays are small, only about 1.3" diagonal, but very readable due to the high contrast of an OLED display. 

    Key point:

    • A basic beginner kit with all the necessary components to jumpstart your interest in learning and making your own projects.

    • A complete starter kit that includes a development board fully compatible with ESP8266.


    • Best kit for beginners who are interested in making and learning about wi-fi.

    • A complete starter kit includes a variety of components.

    • With the ESP8266 For Arduino Makers kit, you get what you want, what you need 

    Package includes:

    • 1 X NodeMCU V2 - ESP8266 Development Board

    • 1 x BMP180 Barometric Digital Pressure Sensor Module

    • 1 x GY-30 BH1750FVI Digital Light Intensity Illumination Sensor Generic

    • 1 X OLED 0.96 Inch I2C Display Module 4 Pin

    • 1 X USB cable

    • 1 X DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module

    • 2 X Mini Breadboard For Arduino

    • 20 x Male-Female Jumper Wires


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