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Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module 12V

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    Using the company's production of high-quality soil sensor for detection of soil moisture, and the surface of the nickel plating, widening of the sensing area can improve conductive properties, prevent soil contact is easy to rust, prolong service life; 2. The product can be a wide range of control soil humidity and control the corresponding threshold value by adjusting the potentiometer and the humidity is lower than set value, start relay, is higher than the set value, the relay is switched off. 3. Product with the function of time delay, delay 3-5 seconds when detected humidity in the critical state, relay will not blink, stroboscopic phenomenon; 4 products using high quality relay, can withstand the load of 1500W, to meet the requirements of most people; 5 products with power indicator and indicator relay; Electrical parameters Supply voltage 12VDC input current: more than 100mA Load: 10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC (lower than the current in this range can be used) Module instruction: 1 sensors applied to the detection of soil moisture; Module 2. Blue potentiometer is used to soil moisture threshold adjustment, clockwise adjustment and control the humidity will be bigger, counterclockwise smaller; 3 due to the module with delay function, adjust the humidity value, once every tune need to wait about 5-8 seconds, see the change of the relay, the green LED lamp also has the corresponding change, until adjusted to meet the requirements.


    • Supply voltage: 12VDC
    • It has time delay function, delay 3-5 seconds, when humidity is detected in the threshold state, the relay will not flicker
    • Adjusting soil moisture control threshold by potentiometer (clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce), it can control soil humidity and automatically watering vegetable garden, flower garden or pot
    • High quality soil moisture sensor has nickel plating surface, widened induction area, can improve conductive performance and prevent rust problem when contact with the soil to prolong service life

    • 1 X  Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module 12V

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