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Digital Voltmeter 0.28 Inch Two Wire 3.5-30V Red

SKU: 6211

1) Display mode: 0.28 “LED
2) Measuring accuracy: 3 per thousand
3) Limit working condition
4) Low working voltage: +3.5V
5) Maximum working voltage: +30V

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    This is a 3.5 V to 30 V 0.28-inch Digital Voltage Tester DC VOLTMETER (Blue) Small in size and light in weight, quite easy and convenient to carry out. Its small size which is only 0.28″ with bright and sharp blue light visible LED display, easy to read even in dim light and low operating voltage. With reversed connection protection, it will not burn even when wires are connected reversely by mistake.

    The range of measurement of DC voltage varies from DC 3.5-30V, 2 and 3-wire products Universal, to break the routine voltmeter, is the latest design, can work directly in 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and other circuits, without regulation. With three wiring, easy access to car /battery car / motorcycle-car line, with reverse polarity protection, line reversal will not burn. For monitoring the battery voltage, battery voltage state to grasp, it can also be used for other products voltage measurement purposes.


    • line working voltage: 3.5~30V (with reverse protection function)
    • 3 line working voltage: 3.5~30V (with reverse protection function)
    • Display mode: 0.28 “LED.
    • The measurement rate: more than 200mS/ times
    • Measuring accuracy: 3 per thousand
    • Limit working condition
    • Low working voltage: +3.5V
    • Maximum working voltage: +30V
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