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Li-Po Battery 7.4V 25C 2S 1500mAh Build Power Battery

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To avoid misuse of the item, please read the following carefully

  • before using it, please charge it fully with a specific lipo balance charger;

  • charge the lithium batteries at maximum 4.20 V per cell. As for the battery in series, please choose the balance charge or charge each cell respectively

  • the charging temperature must be within 15-35celcius, reverse charging is prohibited.

  • the voltage difference between the two cells must be 0.03 V, or the load is recommended to balance the voltages before use.

  • Please make sure the cut-off voltage is not less than 3.0V, and we strongly recommend that you not be less than 3.

  • never discharge the batteries with current above the designed maximum continuous discharge current which has been regulated in the relevant specifications, or the 

  • performance may be deteriorated and the cycle life may be shortened, causing overheating and even swelling, rupture, internal short circuit, etc.

  • if the surface temperature exceeds 65 celcius during operation, the battery should be hung until it cools to room temperature naturally. Higher temperature may cause swelling and battery performance

  • charge and discharge regularly for maintenance (about 1 to 3 times every 3 months), batteries should be stored at around 3.8 V / cell

  • store the batteries in a place with low humidity and free from corrosive gas inside the temperature ranging from -20 celcius to + 40 celcius.

  • in all circumstances, disassembly of the batteries is prohibited. 

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