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Power Bank Charging Module 5V 2A Charger Step Up Boost Module

SKU: 6575

1) Input Parameter:5v/1A
2) Output Parameter: double USB output:5v/2A
3) Conversion Rate:90% average

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    Dual Micro USB 3.7v to 5V 2A Mobile power bank charging module DIY 18650 Lithium Battery with LED. This is the mobile power module Accessories, 18650 Circuit board shell. Meet the individual needs of your DIY, but you must understand basic electronic assembly.

    • Input Parameter:5v/1A

    • Input Interface:V8 interface  micro USB

    • Output Parameter: double USB output:5v/2A 

    • Conversion Rate:90%  average

    • Width 2.6

    • length 6.9

    • Battery parallel requirements between 3.2-4.2V can work properly, the maximum can not exceed 200,000 mA

    Safe Design:
    1.Power has designs of overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection, does not need to worry about the time of charging
    2.Intelligent Output. When equipment is fully charged, it will stop charging automatically to prevent from overcharging
    3.Power has multiple safe designs. Output voltage and current is stable, never to damage user's device
    4.Operating temperature range is wide (-20 Clecius—50 Clecius),can provide over temperature protection
    Function Feature: with a light LED lamp (long press or double click power key can start)
    Electricity Quantity Display:4 class LED light display electricity quantity, non-operating state will be intelligently off

    Charging Display:
    when charging 0-25% one light is on, other light is off; 25%--50%, the second light flashes, the first light is continuously on;50%-- 75%, the third light flashes, front two lights are continuously on;75%---100%;the fourth light flashes, front three lights are continuously on. And four lights are on charging to 100%. 

    Mainboard Protection Function: overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection. Power does not need protection board. If you have it, please unload.
    Installation Introduction:
    1.Circuit board B- connects power negative, B+ connects positive. Don't inversely connect, it will result in burning of board. Power is series soldering, so please make sure the insulation between power and circuit when install the battery
    2.Double press the switch, flashlight LED light starts, then double press turn it off
    3.Double press starts flashlight, then press once, light will be lighting. Then touch once start SOS mode, and press one more time turn off LED
    4.2A output is not continuous current, it changes according to USB connecting load automatic current output
    5.Insurance resistor. If battery connects incorrectly, the polarity will burn.

    Package Include:

    1 x Power Bank Charging Module 5V 2A Charger Step Up Boost Module

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