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SMPS Industrial Power Supply 12V 20A with Fan

SKU: 6675

1) High efficiency
2) Low temperature
3) LED indicator for power on
4) Over Load and Short Circuit Protection
5) Over Voltage Protection

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    A switched-mode power supply, sometimes known as a switch-mode power supply or 'SMPS', is an electronic power supply that integrates a switching regulator for efficient electrical power conversion. Like other supplies, an SMPS transfers power from a DC or AC source to DC loads while converting voltage and current

    A switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply, switch-mode power supply, switched power supply, SMPS, or switcher) is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently


    • High efficiency
    • Low temperature
    • LED indicator for power on
    • Over Load and Short Circuit Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • 2x different power outputs



    • DC Voltage: 12V
    • Rated Current: 20A
    • Current Range: 0-20A
    • Rated Power: 240W


    • Voltage Range: Rated +/- 15%
    • Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
    • Efficiency: 74%
    • AC Current: 6.5A/115V 4A/230V
    • Leakage Current: < 3.5mA/240VAC
    • Inrush Current: 25A/115V 50A/230V


    • Over Voltage Protection: 13.8-16.2V
    • Working Temperature & Humidity: -10℃~+50℃,20%~90%RH
    • Storage Temperature & Humidity: -20℃~+85℃,10%~95%%RH
    • Temperature Coefficient: ±0.03%℃(0~50℃)
    • Vibration: 10~500Hz, 2G 10min/1cycle, 60min along each axes

    How to Connect?:

    • L, N: AC Power Input
    • V+: DC Power Output "+"
    • V-: DC Power Output "-"
    • GND: DC Power Output "-"
    • +V / ADJ: Adjust the Output Voltage


    • Powerful 12v 240w 20A max Current Draw.
    • Industrial motor Drive, 3D printing application.
    • Power Supply For LED, SMD, LED Strip, RGB LED Strip
    • CCTV Cameras Supply
    • LCD monitor, digital products and instruments kind of light accessory products
    • Mechanical and electrical equipment, security, air purifier
    • Guardrail tube adornment LED lights, LED lamps, lamp, display screen, advertising articl screen
    • Products applicable street light, lawn lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lighting
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