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Joystick Rocker Switch Potentiometer 10K With Hat (Without PCB)

SKU: 7668

1) Rocker potentiometer switch cap.
2) categories: single.
3) Material: carbon film.
4) Resistance: 10 k (103).

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    High quality 12mm double pole 10K Ohm linear potentiometer from leading manufacturer Song Huei. Ideal for all types of audio products including Euroracks, Modular Synthesizers and other musical instruments. Supplied with PCB terminals and 15mm long splined plastic shaft to suit most installations. This linear potentiometer has a maximum 300 degree total rotation angle and 15,000 cycles rotational life, rated at 0.08W. Complies with RoHS. 


    • 2.54mm pin interface leads
    • Long service life and stable performance
    • Standard interface and electronic building blocks
    • Widely use in Arduino DIY projects
    • Cross rocker as a two-way 10K resistor, with the rocker in a different direction.
    • As square wave signal generator which generates a square wave signal

    • To provide a signal to the stepping motor driver

    • Adjustable pulse generation for chip use

    • Produce variable pulse signal, the control-related circuit (PWM dimming, speed)

    Package Include:

    • 1 X  Joystick Rocker Switch Potentiometer 10K With Hat (Without PCB).

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