3D printer hotbed Heatbed Power expansion MOS tube high current Generic


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    This module can be used both in the motherboard, and in other open 3d printers of the printer. This high-power module helps your 3d printer equipped with a controller card (in the Max 15A state) become even more powerful. With this ADDON module for your Board, you can lead a maximum current up to 25a. If you intend to use preheating with your 3d printer that uses 12 V power, then this module is recommended, otherwise it may cause excessive current while that can burn connectors on the controller board.


    • 12v power supply
    • Dimensions: 60*50mm
    • Max Current: 25A(Fortify heat dissipation)
    • Helps 3D printer equipped with the controller board (capable of max 15A) grow to be more powerful
    • With this add-on module to board lead the maximum current up to 25A

    Note: This module under the premise of normal cooling, found in I (MAX) = 25a is a stable working situation, the process of using current does not exceed 25A

    my first specification - Hardik

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