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TIP122 NPN Transistor-5PCS

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    product description/specifications


    TIP122 is a general-purpose NPN transistor with high voltage and current. This Darlington transistor is used in general amplification and a low-speed switching circuit. It is a normal transistor expect Darlington pair inside, because of that its collector current rating is about 5A and gain 1000V. It has a 5V base-emitter voltage which can be directly controlled by a logic level device like controllers.

    • Collector-base voltage: 100V
    • Collector-emitter voltage: 100V
    • Emitter-base voltage: 5V
    • DC current gain: 1000
    • Collector current: 5A (DC)
    • Base current: 120mA


    • Product: TIP122 Transistor
    • Transistor type: Darlington NPN transistor
    • Pin counts: 3
    • Pin type: through hole


    • Rectifier circuit
    • Amplification circuit
    • A low power switching circuit
    • Inverter circuit
    • To control the speed of motors

    Package Includes:

    •  1 x TIP122 NPN Transistor-5PCS

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