Buzzer Module B27 12V Generic

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    Buzzer electronic probe with integration structure. Using DC power, it is widely used on computers, printers, photocopiers, alarm clocks, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers, and other electronic products.


    • The piezoelectric buzzer mainly consists of a multivibrator, a piezoelectric buzzer chip, block matching impedance, a resonator and a shell
    • Multivibrator consists of transistors or integrated circuits. When turned on, the multivibrator vibrates and outputs a beep.
    • impedance matcher drives a piezoelectric beep.
    • connected to the rated power and the buzzer will sound continuously.
    • Output DC Voltage: 22v


    • Diameter: 23 mm
    • Height: 12 mm
    • Cable Length: 100 mm
    • Sound pressure level: 85-95 dB
    • Nominal voltage: 12VDC
    • Operating voltage range: 3 V-24 V
    • Maximum current: 10mA


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